Fábio Januário
Brazilian, from Cascavel in the State of Paraná, 25  years old,
working on his Portuguese Passport, due to his Portuguese
ascendancy. He arrived in Portugal almost two years ago to Gil
Vicente (Portuguese Premier League). He have scored beautiful
goals, and he is considered a King assisting his colleagues to
score. He plays and makes others play on the left, center or right
side of the field. Fantastic in corner and free kicks taking, and has
a impressive ability and strength shooting to Goal, with both his
feet. See his profile, pictures, videos...
Paulo Costa
Portuguese Player, 25 Years old, called to each and every young
National Team, from Under 15 to Under 21, very fast and talented
dribble, attacking midfielder who plays in both sides, and with both
feet, contracted by Inter Milano very young played side by side
with Ronaldo, Javier  Zanetti,  Mancini,  and many others. Watch
his profile, videos and pictures