To everyone who visit us, here is some more information to a better understanding of
the site,  as well as it's goals and message.

The main goal to anyone that enters here should be to access pages that are
dedicated to a certain person and/or "celebrity", who is or most certainly will be
recognized publicly, in his/her work.

In those pages, it will be possible to find several information regarding the person, as
well as pictures, videos, a "scrapbook", inscriptions, a Fans Club, and a way to
permit promote e-mail from visitors to the people on our pages.

Basically this site is organized like this:

-  At  the Homepage,  there  are several links to major themes like Sports,    
Cinema, Fashion...;

-  Following  those links,  you'll  access to lists of  activities related to the    
theme  chosen  -   football ,  golf ,  tennis ,  models ,  designers,  actors,
producers, etc.;

-  Pick an activity and find a list of people, organized in an aleatory way;

-  Each an every name shown is a link to access their "official Page";

-  These official pages are hosted in our site as:
www.mega-agency/ of the "celebrity"....html;

-  The  most  simple  kind,  these  pages will  show one or two pictures,  a    
"curriculum  vitae",  and  a  blank  form  to  allow visitors  to send  their    
comments questions or inscriptions.

-  These  messages  are  actually  sent   to  the host,  in  it will  be  his/her    
decision to answer;

-  In  more  complete pages,  may  be available pictures galleries,  videos    
and some personal comments, by the hand of the "celebrity".

-  It is also possible  to insert a space for  on-line and public inscriptions,    
available to all visitors;

-  A  written  press  center  and  a  fans  club  can  also be available.  Both    
applications  will be  linked to  the official page.  The  press  center  is a    
compilation of everything that goes  on the newspapers and magazines    
regarding   the  "celebrity".   The  Fans  Club  is  a  page that   fans  may    
subscribe and place picture, name, address and  an inscription.

It is important to state that the access to this site, in every pages and functions is
intirely  free to visitors.

The information content, as well as pictures and videos published in the official
pages, are given us by the "celebrities".

ll the above aplies to both versions: Portuguese and English.